Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in the gym

Yesterday Ryan emailed me and asked if I wanted to hit up the gym with him after work. Since I had taken a brief hiatus from the YMCA the past few days I figured it would be a good idea.

He headed down to the weights area and I jumped onto a treadmill once we got there. I decided to implement walking with my running to get used to the pattern for the half marathon.

I walked for 1 minute, then ran for 9 minutes. I continued this pattern for a full 30 minutes and finished with 1 minute of walking as a cool down.
*3.28 miles in 31 minutes (9:27 min/mile pace)

I guess my dinner didn't cut it last night cause I woke up starving this morning. I made myself a breakfast sandwich to go.

English muffin, 1 slice of Colby jack cheese, 1 scrambled egg, and some strawberry jam. Delicious!

Looking forward to a week full of gym visits :)

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