Monday, October 17, 2011

16 weeks + 1 day

I'm officially 4 months into this pregnancy.  The past few days haven't been the most pleasant but I'm glad this Monday is going well so far.

This weekend I suffered from a 36 hour headache, threw up and felt nauseous for over a day, and didn't complete my long run for half marathon training.  Things don't always go as planned; sometimes you just have to adjust accordingly.  Instead of 10 miles on Sunday I ran 3 miles and felt good about it.  I'm just glad I'm feeling better today and no longer have that terrible headache.

Back to this being a great day ... Today is one of those days where it only took 5 minutes to drive to work and find a parking spot (and accurately parallel park).  I even managed to sit down at my desk 5 minutes early ... gotta love being here at 7:55 :)  Not a bad way to start my week!

I've definitely noticed an increase in the belly size.  Ryan is excited that you can actually tell I'm pregnant now.  At times I still think it looks like I just gained some weight, and that strangers can't really tell that Baby C is hiding out in there.
I'm really fortunate that all of my jeans are of the "ultra low" variety.  I haven't had any trouble yet finding clothes to wear out of my own closet and am still holding out on buying any maternity clothes.
Two more weeks until we find out if Baby C is a little girl or little boy.  I can't wait.  Until then I'm free from any doctor's visits.  

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