Monday, October 10, 2011

15 weeks + 1 day

Baby Chalmers is now the size of an apple!  I had another doctor's appointment this morning and got to listen to its heartbeat.  Always a good sign to hear that everything is still going well in there.

I also asked what my weight was when I first went back in August (since I'm convinced our digital scale is waaaaay off what it should be).
  • sometime in March I went for an annual appointment - 107 pounds
  • 8/15 - 111 pounds
  • 10/10 - 116 pounds
I guess I haven't gained as much as I thought, but the past couple of days my clothes have definitely gotten tighter.  I'm holding out as long as I can before delving into the world of maternity clothes.

I chased Ryan around Charlotte on Sunday for our 6 mile half marathon training run.  I still managed to run at a faster pace that I've been used to lately (he finished about 4 minutes before me).
  • 6.01 miles in 52:36 minutes (8:45 min/mile pace)
  • I took a walking break for 2 minutes at 3.5 miles and 1 minute walking break at 5.25 miles
I managed to run 3 times in the past week.  I've been feeling some cramping after a few of the longer runs and don't want to put the baby under any stress.  I'll probably hold back on some of the last weeks of half marathon training.  Plus I've still been so tired lately that running more than 3 miles at a time seems daunting.
 like the vintage bathroom that our office currently uses?
 I always look like I'm concentrating so hard to take these pictures.
There's a good bump picture for all of you non-believers :) 

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