Monday, October 3, 2011

14 weeks + 1 day

The baby is now the size of a lemon!  Big things are happening with Baby Chalmers this week.  I guess I'm officially in my 2nd trimester (although I kept thinking I was last week).  From Baby Center:
Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb!

I've tried to keep up with working out this past week and managed to go to the gym quite a bit during my lunch breaks.  I swayed slightly from my half marathon training plan (unknowingly) and did 6 miles on saturday.

I've been trying to keep my runs slow and steady and not over-extend myself.  I walked for 1 minute, then ran for 14 minutes, and kept this up until my 6 miles was reached.
  • 6.06 miles in 58:59 minutes (9:43 min/mil pace)
This morning was another cold day in Charlotte ... I made sure I bundled up and even managed to look more professional than normal for work.
Weight gain this week has been 0 from last week.  So far I think I've gained approximately 5 pounds total during pregnancy.
 I'm still wearing all of my same clothes ... no maternity clothes for me!  Jeans are Lucky Brand "Sweet n Low" size 25 (0) and the blue striped top is from Forever 21.  Comfy light brown sweater is from Banana Republic and shoes are brown cords from TOMS.
 Ryan and I have been trying to play lots of fun music for Baby Chalmers.  Lately I've been on a jazz quick and the Louis Armstrong radio station is constantly on Pandora.


  1. Love the Banana sweater. I can't believe Baby Chalmers is the size of a lemon already! From the looks of you it's really a lemon-drop.

  2. lol very funny ... my belly gets bigger around night time. that's why I always shoot the photo in the morning :)