Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lunch break gym session

I knew I wouldn't want to run today after work so I wore gym clothes to work to go during my lunch break. There is a YMCA a few blocks away from our office building so it wasn't too far out of the way.

Around 10:30am I had a snack to make sure I had enough energy for my run.

It was my first time using almond butter from Trader Joe's (I got the salted creamy flavor). I added some boysenberry preserves to the other piece of whole wheat toast and had quite the delicious little snack.

At the gym I walked for one minute as a warmup then ran for 29 minutes. I finished up my run with one minute walking cool down (total miles 3.32 in 31 minutes). The walk to and from the gym is about 0.35 miles, so add 0.70 miles to my run and I had a 4 mile day!

Now time to eat!

Oh and what are your thoughts on sitting back at work in my sweaty gym clothes?

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