Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back on the Booty

Yesterday after work I headed over to the "booty" loop to complete 5 miles with some
Charlotte runners. I was very lucky to have Elisa stick by me and keep me at a comfortable pace (I didn't want to overdo it). After already running 5 miles, Elisa did a great job of motivating me through her 2nd 5 miles of the day.

I fumbled with shutting off the Nike app after the run so the time is a little off, but I'll take a sub 10 minute/mile for a 5 mile run at this stage.

Feeling better after 2 runs this week. I'm taking today off from running and will be back at it tomorrow with another 3 miler.

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  1. I really like the Nike+ app but the fact that it doesn't shut off after you reach a goal distance or time is annoying. I would like the option o keep going but I always want to log my time for the goal I set when I started.

  2. I agree! it's definitely one of my pet peeves ...