Friday, September 2, 2011

America (minus 1) runs for Dunkin

Ryan and I continued our weekly Friday tradition of going to Dunkin Donuts before work this morning. I stuck with my usual, egg and cheese on a crossiant and small iced coffee. Lately I've been ordering 2, yes 2, blueberry munchkins. Those things are the jam ... The blueberry jam? Haha.

I wanted to apologize for being so disappointing lately on this blog. I don't run as much anymore, which is worrisome since our half marathon is in 2 months. Doctors orders ... Take it easy for a few weeks and only run 2-3 miles a few times a week. Grr!

I'm looking forward to running more in a couple of weeks. I miss it and have totally been in a rut about it.

Oh and another disappointment of the blog ... Where are all of the cheeseburgers? I promise to get out there and eat more cheeseburgers for those couple of people who read the reviews on here. Promise.

Happy Friday everyone ... Hope the 3 day weekend treats everyone well.

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