Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 in 1 day

Yesterday I decided to bring back cardio exercise!  Now that we've moved away from uptown Charlotte, I don't have the luxury of walking home for lunch.  Instead I found myself with nothing to do yesterday at noon.  I decided to head out for a walk and did 2.06 miles in 26:46 minutes around downtown.  It was good to get some fresh air and escape corporate life for a little bit.

Once I got home from work I changed into some running clothes and headed out for my first run around my new neighborhood.  One of the downfalls of the run were all of the traffic lights that I had to stop for ... at one point it was over 1 minute of waiting at the corner.  I managed to run 3.26 miles in 29:45 minutes.  Sad that it's only 1/4 of what I'll be running at the half marathon in less than 7 weeks.  I'm trying to stay positive though, and keep hoping that with some training the next few weeks I'll be ready on 11/5.

I'm even heading back out to the "booty loop" today to run with the Charlotte Runners group.  I haven't run with them in over a month so it'll be good to catch up with everyone ... and to run 5 miles :)

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