Monday, September 26, 2011

13 weeks + 1 day

what is up with me delaying my weekly pregnancy posts by 1 day?  better late than never!

this past week has been so much more enjoyable.  I think I am really going to enjoy my 2nd trimester.  I've found myself having more energy and feeling a lot better.  I've been incorporating more vegetables into my diet and have stopped relying so much on cereal, bagels, and other carbs to satisfy my hunger. 

The highlight of this past week was my major increase in running.  I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and did a long run on Saturday.  Total mileage was about 20 miles for running and about 4 or 5 miles in walking.  This puts me right on track for half marathon training.

I'm wearing another American Apparel shirt (so comfortable) in size x-small (Track Shirt) and size 0 (25) Lucky Brand Jeans.  Still thankful my clothes are fitting and that I haven't had to jump into any larger sizes (yet).  This week I haven't gained any additional weight so I'm still at about 5-6 pounds total for the entire 13 weeks. 

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