Monday, September 19, 2011

12 weeks + 1 day

I'm so excited to be finally writing this post ... Ryan and I are having a baby!  We took our pregnancy test (correction tests) on August 5th and found out that I was indeed pregnant.  
Since then I've gone to 3 doctor's appointments, had 2 ultrasounds, and have had lots of blood drawn.  I've gotten my due date changed from March 25th to April 1st and have dealt with all of the ups (but mostly downs) of the first trimester.  

Thankfully I've been feeling a lot better the past couple of days and am looking forward to getting some of my energy back.

So far I'm still wearing all of my same clothes.  I've gained about 5 pounds but I think most of that is from not running.  The doctor cleared me to run as much as I was running previously, but between traveling out of state for a wedding, moving into our new house, and generally feeling nauseous and tired all the time, I haven't logged as many miles.  Last time I ran was 9/7 (eek!).
In these pictures I'm wearing an American Apparel t-shirt (Summer shirt deep v-neck in size xxsmall) and a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans (size 25)
I know a lot of girls have posted weekly pictures of their baby growth, but I wanted to give credit to the 2 blogs that I read the most: Daily Garnish and (Never Home)maker, baby! Emily and Ashley have provided so many tips and advice during their first pregnancies, that I hope I can do the same.

I'm still planning on running the Rock n Roll half marathon in Savannah on November 5th.  I'll probably do a combination of running and walking but am hopeful that I'll be able to complete the race with no issues.  With less than 7 weeks to go I have a lot of training to do.  Thankfully the weather has cooled down in Charlotte so I'm looking forward to less treadmill running and more outdoor running.