Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waiting at the apple store

I hate waiting. Especially after making an appointment to AVOID having to wait. I have zero patience (something that Ryan wants me to work on).

My MacBook keeps yelling at me. It says the startup disk is full and demands that I fix it. Sorry lil guy but I have no idea what to do about that. Hence me sitting at the apple store waiting for the genius bar to help me. Sigh.

Anyways I headed to the YMCA this morning for a run on the treadmill. Wednesday mornings at 8:30 are seriously the best time to go. The place is actually quasi empty and there are treadmills open.

I ran 3.35 miles in 28 minutes. I ran for 27 minutes then walked as a cooldown for 1 minute.

Once I got home it was time for some breakfast. I brought out the blender and made myself a smoothie with kale, banana, soy milk, ice, and protein powder.

Check out my vintage glass from my sorority days ... 9 years ago.

10 minutes later and still no help from apple. Tsk tsk.

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