Thursday, August 18, 2011

Packing light

Today I managed to run a few miles at the YMCA. I walked for 2 minutes then ran for 8 minutes, and alternated like this for 3 cycles.
- total miles 3.05 = 30 minutes

Once I got home Ryan and I headed back out to pick up some food at Mellow Mushroom (sorry no photos ... Needless to say it was delicious).

The pizza was great fuel to help me pack for my trip to NYC tomorrow. I'm heading up there to see a couple of my friends, Jacqui and Jen.

All of this was what I picked out for my 45 hour trip ... A maxi dress, a pair of jeans, 3 tops, a pair of shorts, a "fancy" pair of sandals, pajamas, and underwear. I'll add my toiletries in the morning.

I fit it all into a backpack and had room for a hoodie (in case it's chilly), an umbrella (it always rains when I'm there), a water bottle to fill up at the airport, and some snack (protein bar, couple of bags of almonds, and some peanut butter crackers).

Now its time for bed!

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