Monday, July 18, 2011

will run for a veggie burger

Today I headed to the YMCA for some alone time on the treadmill ... I'm laughing as I'm typing this because anyone who just read that statement would say "How is being in a crowded gym equivalent to alone time?"  Well my friends, I popped on my headphones and tuned the world out.  I even ran on one of the treadmills that had NO television.  Just a girl and her thoughts ... and Britney Spears radio on Pandora.

44 minutes ... 43:30 minutes of running, 30 seconds of walking ... 5.08 total miles

Once I got home I iced my left knee for a bit.  Not sure what it's problem is but it's definitely been bothersome lately.
Then it was time for dinner!  What had I been running for ... a veggie burger of course.  I topped a veggie burger with some brie, smeared the top of the sandwich thin with some honey apple butter, and finished it off with fresh spinach.  The result was a combination of sweet and savory .. my favorite flavor combination.
On the side I enjoyed some baked french fries with some spicy ketchup and a glass of wine.  Why not right?

What will I run for tomorrow?

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