Saturday, July 9, 2011

treadmills and Luna Bars

After my shopping adventure at the mall I came home and changed into some gym clothes.  I figured if I was going to do some running I should just get it over with (I sound thrilled to be running today don't I).  

I was lacking motivation again so I headed to the YMCA to run on the treadmill.  I put on the "Bon Iver" radio station on Pandora and set the television to the show "House" and started running. 

I tried to start off conservatively since I hadn't run 7 miles in a long time and didn't want to wear myself out right away.
The treadmill automatically stops at 35 minutes so I was right under the 4 mile mark at 3.94 miles (8:52 min/mi pace).

I started the treadmill back up and kept trying to run at a slightly faster pace than the previous 4 miles.  I was getting tired and my left knee started bothering me a bit.  Before I knew it I had reached a combined 7 miles and I could finally stop.

My 2nd treadmill work out was 3.06 miles in 26:30 minutes (8:39 min/mi pace).  I was super sweaty and gross by the time I was done (shocker).  I headed over for some water and quickly did some stretching. 

Once I was home I checked the mail on the way up to my apartment.  I was super stoked to find a box from Luna
Inside were samples of their 2 new flavors, Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Dipped Coconut.  Thanks Lauren!  I quickly tore open one of the Chocolate Chunk bars ... I was pretty hungry since I only ate a handful of almonds before running and hadn't eaten since my delicious breakfast.  

Holy chocolate goodness!  I love the chunks of chocolate scattered throughout the bar.  Each bite was delicious and I found myself inhaling the entire thing.  Some nutritional stats:
  • 180 calories 
  • 5g total fat
  • 9 g protein
  • 26 g total carbs
  • 20% vitamin A
  • 20% vitamin C
  • 30% iron
 Along with my delicious bar I had a Zico coconut water.
mmm refreshing
I feel a lot better now and am looking forward to some serious couch time with Honey. 

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