Saturday, July 2, 2011

speed work out

Ryan and I try to avoid going out for drinks on Friday nights in anticipation of our usual early morning Saturday runs.  Somehow last night I was easily swayed to stay out with some friends for a couple too many drinks and definitely did not wake up in time for the 3 mile "Smelly Cat" run with our meetup group at 8am.  Oopsie!  

Instead Ryan and I wandered over to Dunkin Donuts around 9:45am for some breakfast (I've been slacking on the grocery shopping).  After some iced coffee and my usual egg and cheese croissant sandwich I was ready to get a pedicure with Lori at Polished
I swear I don't have cankles
Good conversation and a relaxing experience ... what else could I ask for on my Saturday?  Once I got home it was time to get started on cleaning up the place for our houseguests (friends are staying with us tonight on their way to TN).  Ryan actually chipped in and helped with the clean up.  One of the things that desperately needed some cleaning was Honey. 
"I'm so sleepy"
She's pretty exhausted after her bath.  Laziest dog ever.  After Honey's bath Ryan and I were feeling pretty motivated and headed out to do some speed work.  At this point it was really hot outside and I know I could've (and should've) pushed myself harder.  Regardless I'm proud with my time:
  • 2 miles in 14:20 minutes (7:10 min/mile pace)
I know if I keep working on my speed I'll be able to reach sub 7 miles one day.  Ah the dreams and aspirations of a runner :)

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