Saturday, July 23, 2011

food always makes me happy

I had a pretty crummy day at work yesterday.  the day started off super duper enough when I picked up a large iced coffee and egg and cheese croissant sandwich from Dunkin Donuts.
Lunch went unpictured because I was too busy being sad about spilling my drink on my macbook.  Awesome Jess.  Way to be.  I quickly tried to dry off the sticky beverage but ended up shutting it off and putting it aside.  Ryan saved the day by bringing my very terrible and bulky Dell laptop to the office.  

Once I got home at 7pm (nice 11 hour work day) I was pretty sad about the unfortunate demise of my macbook.  Ryan quickly suggested dining out for dinner since he knows that always cheers me up.  Smart man.

We headed to Lulu, a restaurant over in the Plaza Midwood area, for a french meal. 

We started off with some red wine and the Lulu platter - an assortment of meats, cheeses, chicken liver pate (not our favorite), olives, and some hummus.  
I ordered the steak and frites ...delicious.  I only ate about half of the portion to save room for dessert.
I love creme brulee.  Love Love Love it.  Favorite dessert ever.  I need to buy myself a mini blow torch and get working on making this at home.

The good food train didn't stop last night.  I awoke this morning with a desire to make homemade biscuits ... I mean it could be worse living with me.  
I was surprised with how easy they were to make and how well they turned out.  On the side I had a poached egg and 1 strip of bacon (sadly we only had 2 slices left and I HAD to share with Ryan).

We spent part of our afternoon with our friend Alex driving around the Plaza Midwood area.  Once it was time for lunch we stopped at Dish where the boys ordered BBQ pork sandwiches but I opted for a chickpea veggie burger with a side of macaroni and cheese.  Awesome food!  
We made a stop at the apple store and after waiting around for 45 minutes found out the cost of repairing my laptop would be $755.  Fortunately for us they felt bad that we had to wait so long to see someone at the genius bar (we had an appointment) and they waived the ENTIRE fee.  talk about feeling pretty damn lucky.
And now its time to eat my leftovers from last night.  Not a bad 2 days of eating.  Looking forward to getting back on the gym wagon tomorrow and running.  I ran on Thursday night on the treadmill but have skipped Friday and today.  Gotta pump out those miles tomorrow!!

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