Tuesday, July 26, 2011

does working out 2 days in a row excuse me from today's workout?

I would say the answer is yes to skipping today's workout.  I'm just not feeling it.  and I know I can always go tomorrow morning before work.  plus it's too hot outside for me to run outside (did that sound as whiny as I think it does?).

yesterday I headed to the gym with Ryan and did some running on the treadmill while watching "Iron Chef America."
I completed 4.32 miles in 36 minutes (35 minutes running, 1 minute walking as cool down)

Once I got home it was time to make dinner.  I've been trying to eat everything in our fridge/freezer before rushing out to the grocery store and last night was a perfect example of finding random things to eat.  I made some spicy chicken sausage and served it alongside some rice with corn and chopped sweet potato.
Not only did it look pretty but it tasted delicious as well.  Tonight's dinner is a little less original and consists of a ground turkey meat sauce with pasta.  At least I made my own garlic knots :)

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