Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th festivities

Around 1pm Ryan and I finally got motivated and headed out to do our run.  We drove to the "4 mile creek greenway" out in Matthews for a different running route.  The greenway is an asphalt trail with partial boardwalk sections as well, surrounded by lots and lots of trees.

I loved running among nature but it was just too hot!  Right be the 3 mile mark Ryan's knee started tweaking so we walked the rest of the way. 

Once we were done with the run we headed home to get ready for some 4th of July fun (haha that rhymes).  We were heading over to a BBQ and then to a friend's house to watch (and light) some fireworks.  While at the BBQ it started storming really bad ... huge gusts of wind, large hail, and ultimately a power outage.  An outcome from the stormy weather was a huge rainbow a couple of hours later.
Our view for the fireworks was the rooftop area of our friends 4 story brownstone.
I failed at taking pictures of the fireworks ... the above was my best attempt. 

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