Wednesday, June 1, 2011

will run for reese's

Happy National Running Day Everyone!  I'll be honest with you ... I didn't know National Running Day was on June 1, 2011 until I saw it plastered all over the blog world mid afternoon.  By that point I had already decided to take today off from running and promised myself I would attend my first pilates class.  Who am I to let myself down?  So I went to the YMCA ready for the class at 7pm.  

I wish I could take back that hour of my life.  Such a hard work out!  Here I thought pilates was all about your core and working out abs ... never did I think it would include all sorts of LEG exercises.  There is a good chance I won't be walking much tomorrow, let alone running the 4.4 miles I planned on doing with my meetup group.  That didn't stop me from heading upstairs to the treadmill area to do some running.  I couldn't let today slip by without doing a little bit of running, I mean come on, the whole day was dedicated to the sport.  So I ran for 10 minutes and did 1.15 miles.  I quickly jumped off the machine and hobbled walked out of the YMCA.

my nail polish matches the wrapper
After a quick dinner of cheese and spinach ravioli and sliced fresh bell peppers I decided to treat myself to a little dessert.  I'm not usually a big sweets person but once in a while I do like to indulge in a Reese's peanut butter cupmmmmm delicious.  Here's to hoping my legs feel fine tomorrow!

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