Wednesday, June 29, 2011

will run for Hawthorne's pizza

yesterday the rain clouds covered Charlotte and Ryan and I missed our Tuesday night meetup run.  Instead of running we went to Hawthorne's for some pizza.  Although cheeseburgers will always be my favorite food, pizza comes in at a close second.  

Since I start work today at noon I knew I had plenty of time to get a run in beforehand so I wasn't too upset about missing our run last night and subbing a large pizza in its place.

At Hawthorne's we ordered our usual 1/2 dozen order of garlic knots and 18" pepperoni pizza.  I had forgotten my ID at home (I tend to go wallet-less to dinner with Ryan since he usually pays) and had to fore go a cold beer.  We were pleasantly surprised when we asked our server if they could put pepperoncinis on our pizza along with the pepperoni  ... back in downtown Orlando there was a pizza place, Metro Espresso, that had a "pizza picante" which featured pepperoni and sliced pepperoncinis.  Our server said that wouldn't be a problem.  Score!  We even had a $5 off coupon for our order so all-in-all our experience at Hawthrone's was another stellar one. 
beautiful pizza pie

This morning Ryan and I headed out to the same course that we usually run on Tuesday nights, the booty loop.  We finished the 5.1 miles in 40:05 minutes.  The first 2 miles were sluggish; we were running 8:15-8:30 min/miles.  We kicked it into gear towards the end and finished the run with an average 7:51 min/mile pace.  Not too bad for a Wednesday morning.

Once at home it was time to feed our hungry bellies.  Ryan made some coffee and poured the orange juice (isn't he handy in the kitchen) and I topped some cottage cheese with fresh blackberries (from yesterday's farmers market), toasted a slice of wheat bread and spread a thin layer of apricot jam, and poached a couple of eggs (1 for each of us). 
2 hours left before I head into the office.  time to finish up some laundry and catch up on some blogs.  see you this afternoon!

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