Friday, June 17, 2011

to shorts or not to shorts

our company shares office space with another company.  we tend to get grouped into a lot of their rules since they are the majority and we just sort of co-exist in a row of cubes waaaaaaaay in the far left of their floor.  we don't bother anyone and for the most part no one bothers us.  the general dress in the office has always been said to be "business casual."  I scoff at that statement, though, cause I have seen some employees really push that limit.  Sue and I decided to conduct a little experiment today and wear, gasp, shorts to work.  I mean, let's face it, it's a Friday in the summer and it's way too hot outside to walk to work in pants.  

I already have a perfect example of why wearing shorts was the best idea ever ... the elevators weren't working this morning.  I got to climb 9 flights of stairs to my office.  9!  that's a whole lot of stairs.  luckily I was wearing shorts and stayed relatively cool the entire ascent.
In my defense I think I look way more put together today than usual.  Check out that button down shirts ... courtesy of Original Penguin.  The long sleeve woven top that I'm wearing is currently on sale on their site.  It's a good time for me to stock up ... such a good quality shirt and so comfortable.  I'm even wearing a belt and some boat shoes.  True Charlottean right here. 

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