Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer time fruit

I met my friend Heather today for lunch in uptown.  As we were walking to our restaurant of choice (RiRa Sandwich bar) we passed by a farmers market on the corner of Tryon and Trade (2 of the main streets in uptown).  The first thing that caught my eye were some amazing blackberries for sale.  We made it a point to hit up the ATM once we were done with lunch and head back towards the fruit/vegetable stand.

$5 for a quart of delicious, organic blackberries.  Check out the size of these monster berries.  I couldn't resist.  The rest of the produce looked yummy and fresh but I decided to save the rest of my cash for another time.  When I asked one of the guys at the stand how long blackberries are in season for, he replied, "as long as its hot out."  Well then it looks like we'll be having some blackberries for a couple more months ...

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