Monday, June 20, 2011

summer breeze 5k

On Saturday Ryan and I ran the Summer Breeze 5k ... separately.  This was the first race I've ever ran where the men and women began at different times.  The women's race began at 7:30am and the men started 30 minutes later.  I was lucky enough to finish with enough time to head over to the men's start AND to head back to the 3 mile mark to cheer Ryan on during his finish.

I think running the race with only women made me a lot more competitive.  I was constantly trying to keep up with certain runners and then would try to pass them as I got closer to the finish.  I was also really excited about our day of boating and think that I was super eager to finish the run.  What ever the real reason was of my new found speediness, it helped me earn a NEW PR!  
  • official chip time, 23:05 minutes - 3.1 miles
anxious before the race
The course was run partially through Freedom Park, a really big and pretty park near downtown Charlotte.  Like every other run done in Charlotte there were plenty of hills, but luckily there were enough flat parts for some speedy running as well.  

My age group, 25-29, had the 1st and 5th overall female times ... I can't wait until I'm 30 so I can get out of such a fast age group.  No matter how much faster I get I still can't get into the top 10 in my division (I was 13th this past race).  Probably the only time I'll wish to get older :)

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