Wednesday, June 22, 2011

slower paced running

what has happened to my sub 8 minute miles?  the past 2 runs that I've done have had slower paces than my speedy times from last week.  last night I ran with the meetup group around the "booty loop" and finished a lot slower than I would've liked.  in my defense it was crazy hot out and temps were still in the mid 90's when we began our run.
  • 5.11 miles in 42:15 minutes, 8:16 min/mile pace
after the run I headed over to Best Buy to deck out my new iPhone 4 with some accessories.  I'm slightly annoyed that they charge you an installation fee now to put on that clear screen protector onto your phone ... I realize I could've tried to do it myself but I would've screwed up the $25 screen and been a lot angrier.  I'm excited to use the camera on this phone since its 100,000,000 times better than the camera from the previous iPhone.   the first picture I took yesterday was of my food, of course.  I've tried to upload the photo 7 times now but blogger is not letting me ... so I'll just let you know that I had chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner last night.  yum.

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