Monday, June 27, 2011

poached perfection

I did it!  I finally successfully poached an egg.  I know you must be thinking that this isn't earth shattering news, but when you've screwed up as many eggs as I have you would know how important this was to me. 

While my parents were in town this weekend we caught an episode of my favorite Food Network show "5 Ingredient Fix."  On this week's episode Claire Robinson was making a delicious weekend brunch.  One of the items she made was poached eggs on top of heirloom tomatoes.  Her instructions were easy to follow so I attempted to make them the next morning.  Her version included breading them in panko crumbs and frying them after the eggs were poached; I decided to skip the breading and frying and just concentrate on poaching them.  

I boiled a pot of water and once the water was boiling I turned the heat off the burner.  I cracked an egg into a ramekin and slid the egg into the water; I repeated this for 4 eggs.  Once the eggs were in the water I quickly put the lid on the pot and waited for 3 minutes.  Once 3 minutes were up it was time to remove the eggs with a slotted spoon.

I served the poached eggs alongside some toast, bacon, cottage cheese, and peach halves.  Add some orange juice and coffee to the mix and you have quite the delicious breakfast spread.  Thanks Claire for your help :)

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