Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a little pick me up

I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night.  Something about it being so incredibly hot outside and only running the A/C at 77 degrees PLUS sleeping under a down comforter just spells disaster.  Honey and I woke up a ton of times due to constant tossing and turning and multiple water breaks (hers not mine).  I've been dragging all day, even after my usual cup of coffee this morning. 

During lunch I decided to take matters into my own hands ... (cue evil laugh here).  Instead of my usual glass of h2o I opted for a refreshing Coca Cola Classic.  The soda was totally an impulse buy the other day while wandering the aisles at Target.  I loved that the portion is way smaller than usual and that it's only 90 calories.  It's Jess-sized!  Along with my tasty, caffeinated beverage, I had a slight replay of yesterday's sandwich ... 100-calorie sandwich thin, brie cheese, fresh spinach, sliced apple, and a smear of HONEY APPLE BUTTER (the caps are necessary).  I love this spread from Trader Joe's and it was a great complement to the sandwich.  On the side I had the rest of my gala apple and some spicy hummus with whole grain pita chips (also all from Trader Joe's).  I'm pretty sure I would starve if it wasn't for that place.

My belly is stuffed and I'm feeling a little more lively.  Let's hope I don't pass out at my cubicle. 

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