Friday, June 24, 2011

I run on Dunkin

forget about America running on Dunkin ... let's talk about how this is the 2nd time this week that I've gotten Dunkin Donuts coffee for breakfast.  it's a little too convenient that there is a Dunkin Donuts literally across the street from where I live.  oh well.  at least I get some exercise on the walk there.

today I went for the 32 ounce iced coffee ... now before you freak out and think "Hey Jess that's entirely way too much coffee" let me point out that our apartment building's fire alarm went off this morning at 5:40am.  everyone had to evacuate the building and wait out on the street until the fire people turned it off.  not sure why they felt the need to send over 2 fire trucks but I guess safety first.  the only person that enjoyed the walk outside was Honey.  did I really just call her a person?  I meant dog.  

along with the super large coffee I had an egg and cheese croissant sandwich.  deeeeelicious.

my parents are driving up from Florida today to spend the weekend with Ryan and I, and I'm super anxious for their arrival.  too bad it's a busy day at work and I'll be here until 7p ... looks like Ryan will have some entertaining to do in my absence :)

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