Wednesday, June 1, 2011

first meetup run

A couple of people suggested that a good way to meet new people in Charlotte would be to join a "meetup" group.  After looking through numerous different groups I found just what I was looking for ... Charlotte Runners.  I met a group of 8-10 runners yesterday at 6:30pm for a 5 mile run, or what they called "the booty loop."  It was so incredibly hot out yesterday ... temperatures were in the mid 90's.  Part of the course was in the shade, but like so many other places in Charlotte, it was quite hilly at times.  I liked running as a group, but since the paces were so varied I quickly lost the 3 runners in front of me and made a couple of wrong turns.  Oopsie!  At least I made it back to the finish spot and the Garmin clocked my run in at:
  • 4.75 miles in 40:00 minutes
Not too shabby for such a hot day.  We waited for the last of the runners and some of the group went to grab a drink at a local bar.  I headed home to rehydrate!  Looking forward to doing more of these group runs.

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