Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 minute errands

Today I'm lucky to only work 12-3pm at the office doing some lunch coverage for the other employees.  I used this opportunity to run some morning errands that I normally would not have gotten to do during a regular 8am-5pm day. 

Although I love online shopping, one of the major drawbacks is not being able to try things on BEFORE purchasing them.  I had taken advantage of Victoria's Secret free shipping on orders over $50 and bought 2 new bathing suits and a cute sun dress.  The sun dress was WAY too short and one of the bathing suit tops did not look anything like what was pictured on the website.  At least the 2nd bathing suit rocked.  I headed over to the UPS store to ship my returns back to VS. 

After I was done at UPS I headed to Dunkin Donuts to grab some iced coffee.  I had received some coupons in the mail yesterday for DD and used the one for a "free small iced caramel mocha coffee" today. 
super sweet!
Check out the video I found while on the DD website ... guy in penguin suit does cool tricks on skis.

While pulling away from DD my gas light came on and I figured I should probably head over to the gas station to fill up.  $55 later my gas tank was full and I was headed back home.  All in all my errands this morning took about 30 minutes. 

Now I get to spend the rest of my morning before work searching online for a new vacuum cleaner.  So domesticated, right?

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