Tuesday, May 3, 2011

zoning out on the treadmill

I really didn't feel like running today.  It was already bad enough that I dragged myself outside yesterday to do a run during my lunch break.  I had decided to change up my usual course around Uptown and ended up finding all uphill parts and none of the downhill parts.  Awesome.  So of course today I didn't want to deal with that again so I took the easy way out and headed to the YMCA.  I somehow found one empty treadmill (it was after 12pm by the time I got there and the gym was packed with the lunch crowd) and hunkered down.  I set the timer for 28 minutes and started running while watching the usual Food Network programming (today was Paula's Best Dishes).  The time dwindled down and before I knew it I had ran 27 minutes and slowed down the pace to walking as a cool down for the last minute.
  • 3.32 miles - 28 minutes (27 minutes running, 1 minute walking)
I rushed home and made it back in time to power up my laptop at 1pm.  Kind of a rushed lunch break but I'm glad I was able to get a run in today before heading out to dinner at Cowfish, followed by a movie with Heather.  Can't wait to finally see "Water for Elephants" after throwing back some sake bombs.

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