Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zico is for Me-o

Before I start talking about my awesome run during lunch and my new love of coconut water, can we talk about how this is my SECOND post today?  Looks like someone is actually following through with one of her New Year's Resolutions (blog more) ...

Anyways during lunch today I decided to head out with my Garmin and Shuffle (iPod) for a run.  I've been using the Nike app on my iPhone lately, but have had problems with inaccurate distances.  So off I went into the almost 80 degree weather.  I knew I was running faster than normal and kept checking my pace after each mile. 
check out that time ... and the dog in the background
Obviously the pace is wrong ... since it took so long to take the picture the pace just kept increasing.  The actual pace was 7:26 minutes/mile.  I'm glad that I'm finally taking my pace seriously and have definitely gotten faster since moving to Charlotte. 

Once I got home I decided to give the bottle of coconut water that has been sitting in our fridge a try.  I am in love!  I love the fresh coconut taste.  It's definitely helping me quench my thirst and cooling me down after such a hot run outside.  I've seen flavored Zico waters at Trader Joe's ... wonder if they're any good?
love the bird poop stain on our table

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