Friday, May 6, 2011

running buddy

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and all that was on my mind were icy, salty, delicious margaritas, NOT running any miles.  Fortunately Ryan was back in town and was willing to run with me (he's by far my favorite running buddy).  We managed to head out around 5pm for a run around our neighborhood.  Sadly we only finished 2 miles in 16:30 minutes because neither of us were feeling the whole running thing.  Since I try to stay as positive as possible I'd like to think that running 2 miles is better than running 0 miles. 

Not sure what is going on with me this week and my lack of desire to do any running.  Hopefully I can squeeze in another run this evening and a longer run tomorrow morning.  Once I sign up for the Right Moves for Youth Twilight 5k that is scheduled for next Friday the 13th (spooky) I think my motivation might increase.  We'll see.

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