Tuesday, May 10, 2011

no more open windows?

Since moving to Charlotte we have barely used our A/C.  It's been nice seeing such low electric bills from Duke Energy.  We've been keeping our living room and bedroom windows open for the past couple of months.  Open windows + fans = cool enough temperature for me.  Sadly I think our time of using free air conditioning is over ... it's been really hot lately.  Maybe I'll wait until Ryan gets back into town to switch the A/C on; those windows are really tough to shut!

This morning for breakfast I decided to use the fresh blackberries and yogurt I bought yesterday from Trader Joe's.

fresh blackberries

lowfat organic vanilla yogurt and granola

finished product with new spoon

someone is hungry
I love my new bunny spoon that I bought on Sunday from Sur La Table.  That store always gets me in trouble ... somehow I find 10 things that I absolutely NEED from that place.  Oh well.  Fortunately the spoon was a steal at only $1.95 :)

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