Sunday, May 8, 2011

motivation in the form of a margarita

On Friday I headed to the YMCA after work to get in a run before the weekend started.  I figured that by 5:15pm all of the treadmills would be full, but instead the gym was more ghost town than usual.  I flipped the television to the Food Network and began my run.  Visions of jalapeno margaritas danced around my head as the minutes ticked by.  Ryan and I had made plans to go to Loco Lime for some delicious Mexican food to make up for our lack of chips and salsa on Cinco de Mayo.  After 35 minutes I was done and had ran 4.06 miles.  Special thanks to Claire Robinson for having such a great show "5 ingredient fix" that happened to be playing on Food Network while I was mid run.

Once home I quickly showered and got ready for 'date night.'  We arrived at Loco Lime and immediately put in an order for chips with queso (yum) and 2 jalapeno margaritas (extra yum).
mmm me gusta margaritas con jalapenos!
The rest of dinner included numerous tacos, re-fried beans, and white rice.  All in all a very satisfying meal.  Arriba!

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