Tuesday, May 31, 2011

brie is for me

I can eat brie cheese at any time of the day.  I love it when its all melty and gooey ... I love it on crackers ... and I especially love it on sandwiches.

Today I went home during my lunch break to walk Miss High Maintenance Honey and to grab some quick lunch.  I used one of the 100 calorie sandwich thins, a thinly sliced apple, a few pieces of brie, some fresh baby spinach, and a smear of raspberry jam (all from Trader Joe's) to create a pretty amazing sandwich.  On the side I enjoyed the rest of the apple and some leftover chips from yesterday's lunch at Common Market (where I had a very delicious panini). 
Isn't my new blue sailboat cup so much fun?  Pretty sunflowers courtesy of .... TJ's (shocker I know).  And who's that lurking in the background ...

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