Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new shorts

Before I talk about my awesome deal of the century, I'll briefly discuss my run today.  I dragged myself to the YMCA to get a run in and ended up surprising myself with a great run.  I ran 4.08 miles in 35 minutes (34 minutes running, 1 minute walking) and even felt GOOD afterwards. 

After leaving the gym I headed to the Run for Your Life store in Dilworth to sign Ryan and I up for the CPCC Skyline 5k this Saturday morning.

While at the store I browsed through their sale section and found some Nike running shorts for 50% off.  At only $14 I found this to be quite the steal of a deal.  Check out their awesome 'granny smith apple' green color.  Can't wait to wear these at the race on Saturday!

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