Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's been one week ...

... since I last ran.  I was in NYC for Karen's bachelorette party and excused myself for 30 minutes to head down to the hotel's gym last Saturday.  I ran on the treadmill for 27 minutes and finished 3 miles while listening to Jay-Z's "Black Album."

I returned home late Monday night (I guess 2:30am should be considered Tuesday morning) after ensuing chaos at JFK airport.  When I awoke Tuesday morning Ryan's first words to me were "Get dressed.  I'm taking you to the clinic."  Instead of getting better and leaving my sickness from the previous week behind, I ended up developing a bad case of bronchitis.  After sitting in the clinic for an hour I walked out with 2 prescriptions and a doctor's note to excuse myself from work and "sports."  I guess no running for awhile.

After phoning Charlotte running company I was able to defer my entry for Charlotte Racefest until 2012.  Even by Friday morning I was still considering running the race.  My common sense, or I should say Ryan, suggested passing up on the run this year and focusing on my health for once.  I obliged, but not after putting up quite the pout-fest. 

This morning I woke up while Ryan got ready for the 10k and was still pretty bummed at the thought of missing this race.  The rain from the night before had continued this morning so at least I didn't have to worry about running 6 miles during a downpour.  I took my morning off from racing to head to Trader Joe's for breakfast materials instead.  I made homemade waffles, applewood smoked bacon, and eggs over easy for my speedy racer and I.  Ryan placed 7th in his division and finished the 10k in 48:12 minutes.  That's my boy!

I'm looking forward to resting up the next 2 days and working out on Monday.  Next race on the horizon is a 5k on April 30th.  Let's hope I'm ready. 

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