Tuesday, April 5, 2011

almost one week

It's been almost one full week of being sick.  Gross.  I'm so over the hacking coughs and constant blowing nose.  On a positive note I finally went back to the gym after a long sickly hiatus.  Not sure if it was the wisest decision, but it was good to get some walking/running in on the treadmill.
  • I alternated walking and running for 3 minute increments until I reached 30 minutes.  Total mileage = 2.43 miles
I tried to take it easy and figured 3 minute intervals was a safe bet.  I didn't cough the entire time I was on the treadmill, but definitely had a coughing fit in my car.  I also made sure to thoroughly clean off my treadmill with the sanitizer solution provided at the YMCA.  Germ free zone!

I'm looking forward to heading back to the gym tomorrow and increasing the running to walking ratio.  I only have 2 more days to run before heading to NYC for Karen's bachelorette party on Friday morning.  Who knows, I might bring my sneakers with me for some running at the hotel.  

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