Tuesday, March 22, 2011

will run for thai

I like to cook.  I enjoy making delicious and nutritious meals for my husband and I.  I love inviting friends over and making a big meal for them, while we gossip and drink wine.  I hate making meals for just me.  I think it's such a waste to make a mess in the kitchen, use multiple pots and pans, for little ole me.  I find that when Ryan goes out of town I end up eating cereal, frozen pizzas, or eggs and bacon (mmm bacon) as my dinner.  

With Ryan out of town tonight I decided to be a little classier and even used a $5 off coupon in the process.  I ordered some take out from one of my favorite QC restaurants, Deejai Thai.  15 minutes later (ok so closer to 25 minutes ... I got sidetracked) I was on my way to pick up my tossed salad, order of crab Rangoon, and tofu pad Thai.  Let's not get crazy; I wasn't planning on eating ALL of this tonight.  I ate about half of the food and am saving the rest for tomorrow night's dinner.  What cracks me up is that while I was inhaling my food, I mean literally just shoveling food in my mouth without leaving much time to chew, I was reading my "bon appetit" magazine that just came in the mail.  I'm so obsessed with food that I must read about food while eating food, while simultaneously day dreaming about my next meal.  I have problems.  Honey was my dinner guest for the evening and enjoyed her dog food while I had my meal.  She burps after she finishes her food.  I find that extremely humorous.

I blame my insatiable appetite to running.  I ran 3 miles yesterday and did another 3 miles today.  I've slowly been getting speedier (does that even make sense?) and look forward to leaving some fellow 29 year-olds in the dust during my next race. 

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