Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend run

I took Saturday off from running because I was so incredibly sore from yoga on Friday morning.  We spent our Saturday doing a lot of day time drinking at a few of the bars on 7th Ave. (Kennedy's, the Philosopher's Stone, Jackalope Jack's).  We didn't want to waste the beautiful day and sat outside for most of the day. 

mason jar drinks at Jackalope Jack's

For dinner we tried Loco Lime for some tasty Mexican food.  A restaurant can never go wrong when serving tacos and queso with chips.  We called it an early-ish night since we had a golf game on Sunday morning. 

I started my Sunday morning with a run around uptown Charlotte.  It was gray and windy out, with a temp of around 49 degrees.
  • 3.1 miles in 25:45 minutes
After I was done showering and eating some quick breakfast it was time to head off to the golf course.  We played 18 holes of golf at Rocky River golf club.  I really don't have the patience or the skill level to play an entire game of golf; I prefer 9 hole courses.  I got bored around hole 16 and called it quits.  Ryan and I waited for Pablo and Alex in the clubhouse while they finished up.

We didn't have much time to relax at home before it was time to get ready for the Charlotte Bartender's Ball.  I had won 2 tickets for the event from a giveaway through the blog The Food Baby.  Ryan and I got dressed up in our Sunday best and headed over to the Blake Hotel for some music, food, and drinks.  We had a good time and probably drank too much.

All in all it was a great weekend spent with some good friends.  Glad I managed to get some running in between all of that fun!

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