Monday, February 7, 2011

upcoming possible races

I've spent a lot of time recently on two local Charlotte running websites, anxiously anticipating races for the spring.  Run For Your Life is a running store that sponsors many races throughout Charlotte all year long.  While looking through their future events I found the following runs that I wouldn't mind signing up for:
  • Alston & Bird LLP 32nd Annual Corporate Cup Half Marathon Relay - March 12: lucky for me I found the other 2 members of my relay team, Pablo and Ryan.  The 3 of us would split 13.1 miles (Ryan and I would run 5 miles each and Pablo would run 3.1 miles)

  • Shamrock 4 miler - March 19: my friend Katie is going to be in town from Florida and I thought it would be a good way to spend part of her stay.  Plus I'm a sucker for any "Shamrock" themed outing (my birthday is on St. Patrick's day :)
  • Falafel 5k - May 8: this one just sounds funny. 
The other local running store is the Charlotte Running Company.  This store also sponsors a number of runs in the area and these are the ones I'm interested in:
  • Charlotte RaceFest Half-Marathon and 10k - April 16: Ryan would run the 10k and I would do the half marathon.  This gives me roughly 2 months to add some serious mileage to my running.  The most I've ran is 4.09 miles since moving to Charlotte back in October.  
  • Run Like a Girl 8k - May 7: girls only run
I like planning ahead so hopefully I'll sign up for some (or all) of these races soon.  I also found the site for the Charlotte Running Club and am highly intrigued.  $20 a year to have other running geeks to hang out with?  While possibly eating cheeseburgers?  Count me in.

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