Monday, February 7, 2011

that's a whole lotta chai

This morning Pablo asked me if I needed (or I should say wanted) any caffeine as a mid morning treat.  Instantly I thought of a non fat chai latte from Starbucks.  When he returned he had in his hand a venti sized drink for me.  I'm more of a tall drink order-er since I can never imagine actually finishing more than that.  Today I proved myself wrong.  I drank the entire thing; all 20 ounces of it.  I was so over-caffeinated after drinking all of that chai that I was literally starting to sweat while at my desk.  Gross, I know.  At least I managed to get 9 grams of protein from it (per the nutrition guide on their website).

venti non-fat chai latte = crazy Jess

I skipped the gym this morning and I spent the day beating myself up over it.  My legs were just so sore and I couldn't imagine getting any real running in so I decided to just save it for tomorrow morning.  When I got home from work I mentioned going to the gym with Ryan and he convinced me that rest is probably a good thing for my legs after pushing them so much the last month.  I finally agreed and ended up giving Honey a bath.  I think she would've preferred if I would've gone to the YMCA for a run. 

Stay tuned  ... just got word that there might be a giveaway from a very cool store in the near future. 

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