Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got 5 on it ..

5 miles on the treadmill that is.  This morning I wasn't really feeling a long run but for once the YMCA was quasi empty so I decided to take advantage of it.  After 30 minutes the treadmill starts "cooling down" and begins to slow its speed.  I usually just stop it from slowing down completely and use those 5 minutes to continue my run.  Today after the 35 minutes was up the treadmill stopped and gave me a workout summary.  I restarted it and increased the speed to continue my run.  Total time and mileage:
  • 5.11 miles = 45 minutes: 1 minute walking warm up, 43 minutes running, 1 minute walking cool down
I am so glad I ran 5 miles today.  I hadn't run that much since living in Orlando.  The half marathon I want to sign up for is in 2 months so at this point I will have to increase my mileage on my long runs by 1 mile every week to get up to 13 miles.

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