Sunday, February 6, 2011

2.1 in 32

It is cold outside; like really cold.  I keep thinking that winter is almost over but then remember it is only the first week of February and there is still plenty of winter left.

This morning Ryan and I got bundled up and headed outside for a run.  It was 32 degrees outside and we managed to run 2.1 miles in approximately 18 minutes (I looked at the clock as we were walking out and when we returned home).  I'm glad we got our exercise out of the way for the day and can now concentrate on making delicious snacks for the Superbowl later.

Yesterday's run happened on the treadmill at the YMCA.  Saturdays are always super crowded at the gym and we had to wait for open treadmills.  Once I got on I was determined to do another 4 mile run.
  • 4.09 miles in 35 minutes - 30 second walking warm up, 34 minutes running, 30 second walking cool down
  • grand total for the week was 18.52 miles

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