Wednesday, January 26, 2011

rain rain go away

I'm so glad that today was my day off from running.  I woke up to the sound of rain and had no enthusiasm for doing much more than just snuggle with Honey.  Eventually I did get out of bed and got myself ready to head out.

Not sure when this became the norm, but suddenly wearing rain boots is fashionable.  I'm all about trends so I jumped on this bandwagon when I realized how helpful rain boots would be in Charlotte snowstorms.  Although the Hunter rain boots are the popular choice among celebrities, I couldn't justify the hefty price tag when making my rain boot purchase.
Rachel Bilson wearing Hunter rain boots

I found a great pair of blue rain boots from Banana Republic while I was Christmas shopping and was lucky enough to purchase them while on sale (they're still on sale for $34.99).

splish splashin' in the rain

Today I got to wear the entire rain ensemble ... trench coat (also from Banana Republic), rain boots, and broken umbrella from NYC that I bought during one of my last visits.  The best part of the rain today was seeing the sun shining around 5pm after the rain had finally stopped.

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