Tuesday, January 11, 2011

crepe-y saturday

Our Saturday started off a bit rocky.  Honey had kept us up all night with some incessant sneezing.  We called the local vet's office and although they were fully booked, they agreed to let us wait in their office in case they had time in between other clients.  I made us some to-go coffee and we were out the door by 9am.

At the doctor's office they examined Honey and said that she did not have a fever (after checking for a temperature with a thermometer up her butt), but did have some respiratory problems.  They prescribed her some medicine and gave us a bag of treats to go along with the pills. 

Once we got home it was time to eat some breakfast.  I made Ryan and myself a huge breakfast spread, complete with eggs, Canadian bacon, home fries, toast, and cottage cheese.  The filling meal gave me the necessary fuel to face the very crowded Target store. 

Around 2pm Ryan and I realized it was past lunch time and we should probably head out for our second meal of the day. I convinced him to go to the Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub over in the NoDa arts district.   It was our first time dining there and I was pleasantly surprised.  The service was superb and the food was tasty.  Ryan ordered the "black and blue po boy" which had blackened chicken breast, cheddar cheese, blue cheese crumbles, ancho chili aioli, all on a baguette with a side of french fries.  I ordered one of the savory buckwheat crepes, "ham & Gruyere" which had a bechamel and maple Dijon glaze with a side of mac & cheese.  The restaurant had a really neat ambiance and some delicious beers on tap (ie. Chimay) which really makes us interested in going back some time soon to do some drinking.

I tried to wait enough time in between my meal and heading to the gym but unfortunately I don't think I waited long enough.  I had the worst side cramp almost my entire run.  It made it really difficult to run and I definitely did not enjoy it like I usually do.
  • 3.65 miles in 35 minutes - 1 minute warm up, 33 minutes running, 1 minute cool down

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