Wednesday, December 8, 2010

monday, tuesday, and wednesday ...

On Monday morning I headed to the gym solo.  Ryan has opted to do P90x at home and will only be joining me at the gym during cardiovascular days.  Boo.

I worked out back doing the 3 same machines that I usually do:

  • seated row 
  • seated lat pull down
  • side bends with a 10 pound weight
I also ran for 2.52 miles on the treadmill (24 minutes).  During the first 1.5 miles I had the treadmill on an incline of 0.5.

On Tuesday I managed to pull myself out of bed and head out to the gym even though it was 17 degrees!  Knowing that I would have to fill up my gas tank after my work out, I cut my time at the gym short and just ran on the treadmill.  I increased my mileage to 2.75 miles and finished in 25:30 minutes.

Today I woke up with sore legs and didn't really want to head out to the gym.  Instead I did a load of laundry (work out clothes of course) and straightened up the house.  I made a couple of green monsters for myself and Ryan as breakfast #1 and then made us eggs and bacon for breakfast #2.  Sadly our food stash has been dwindling and each of us had 1 egg and 1 strip of bacon.  Very meager portions for such big eaters. 

Big news in my blogging world is that I finally bought  I have not done much with it yet but knowing that I own a website makes me giddy.  Further details on the progress of my site to come later.

Happy Wednesday!

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