Monday, November 1, 2010

10.2 mile week

Wednesday I skipped running and went to a body sculpt 45 minute class at the Y instead. 

Class DescriptionA head to toe workout using calisthenic moves and strengthening exercises with weights and tubes.

The class was full of lunges, squats, and all of the other leg work outs that I usually hate doing.  

On Thursday Ryan and I did a 2.25 mile run from our house to the Bank of America Panthers stadium and then back in 19:30 minutes.  

Friday we took the day off from running (I thought I was starting to come down with a cold) and instead spent my evening working on our Halloween costumes.

Saturday morning was chilly in Charlotte.  We waited until around 9:30 to do our morning run and were still pretty cold throughout the 2.25 miles.  My Garmin wasn't working so I couldn't see our exact time and had to look up our course on MapMyRun.  Those last couple of miles made my weekly mileage total be 10.2 miles. Not too bad considering we are still getting back into the whole running thing after taking a few weeks off cause of the move.

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