Tuesday, October 26, 2010

running, backhanded compliments, and dinner for 1

I'm not going to lie, I had no motivation to do any exercise today.  After not sleeping well last night, waking up early for the first time in weeks, and then being away from home most of the day, I was pooped by 4:00pm.  I cleaned the house for over an hour and by 5:30pm I knew if I didn't get motivated to do SOMETHING then working out today was not happening. So I texted my friend Jeff (who conveniently lives less than 1/2 mile away) to see if he had run today.  He replied no but mentioned that he ran yesterday.  It's funny to me that new runners don't realize that it's ok to run back to back days.  I convinced him to do a short, easy 2 mile loop with me and 20 minutes later we were running around our downtown.

Pros of running around my neighborhood:
Change of monotonous treadmill running
Pleasant temperatures
Easy to track distance through mapping routes (or in today's case using my Garmin)

Cons of running around my neighborhood:
Occasional brick sidewalks
Construction on some sidewalks and roads
Rush-hour traffic with lots of traffic lights and crosswalks

I ran with Jeff while listening to my iPod.  Gotta love the random Jay-z, Phil Collins, and Joshua Radin songs I have on there.  After around 1.75 miles Jeff mentioned that he couldn't run anymore and was going to walk.  I nodded and proceeded to run my little butt off.  I passed the 2 mile mark and knew I had more in me so I managed to circle my block and neighboring blocks to tack on another 0.55 miles.

22 minutes = 2.55 miles

Once I was done running I came back home and noticed Honey needed (or wanted) to go outside.  She does what Ryan and I like to call a "Poop Sit," where she'll sit kind of lopsided/gangster lean style. While she was doing her business outside our building a couple of young guys walked by.

Kid #1: Is that a shitzu?
Me: No.  She's a Maltese/poodle.  (I thought to myself why the hell would some 15 year old want to know that?)
Kid #1: Oh.  I have a shitzu.  His name is Oreo.
Me: Oh.  Ok.  (seriously kid why are you telling me this?)
Kid #2: You know what they say about the dog looking like their owner?  Well you guys aren't that.
(kids walk away)
Me: (yelling down the block) I'm not sure who should be more offended, me or the dog.
Kid #2: Oh don't worry, you're cuter.
Me: Thanks?

After that comical banter between me and some teenagers, it was time to head back upstairs to make dinner for one.  Oh and don't mind the pictures ... I had to use my phone's camera since my real camera's battery is dead and the charger has been missing since the move.  It's probably hiding somewhere with our other iPhone wall charger that is also missing.  After taking the picture of the food, I ended up putting one tomato stack away for leftovers tomorrow after seeing the calorie/fat content of one fresh mozzarella ball (I used an entire one for those 3 multi level stacks).

chicken with fresh basil, alongside Caprese salad (fresh mozzarella, basil,  Roma tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & EVOO)

a glass (or 2) of Marlborough Sun, Sauvignon Blanc