Thursday, September 2, 2010

random work post

My department at the bank I work for used to have over 100 employees in the Lake Mary location.  Two years ago we were told that we were being let go since they were no longer using our accounting system.  Since then employees have found other jobs or have been laid off in small, tortuous rounds every month or so.

Currently we are at 17 people (with one person transferring to another bank department on the 10th).  The point of all of this is to state how obvious it feels when one person is missing.  I was the first and only person here up until a couple of minutes ago (it's 8:05am).  Usually people try to get into work by 7:30am to leave at 4:30pm.  The fact that I was the only person sitting here for close to 30 minutes is unnerving and quite frankly, spooky.  Rows upon rows of empty cubicles with harsh fluorescent lighting shining down on barren desks is something straight out of a horror movie.  Or at least my version of a horror movie.

Anyways have a good Thursday everyone.

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